Jennie (BLACKPINK) and the times she changed her visuals with curly hair

 Not only having trendy outfits, Jennie (BLACKPINK) also "cut the hearts" of fans through curly hair.

If you are a K-pop fan, you will know that Jennie(BLACKPINK) is one of the idols with top fashion sense. Not only that, her hair style and makeup style have also become a trend for young people many times. In it, can mention the curly hair style. Every time she creates this hairstyle, the female idol makes fans "confusion".

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Jennie's most recent curly hair styling. (Photo: IGNV)

Curly hair is considered one of the picky hairstyles. Because it will easily make you look older and more dignified, but it can also help you look extremely mischievous. The truth proves that Jennie can "handle" this difficult hair model.

On her personal Instagram, the female idol has just posted a series of photos on the occasion of Halloween. In the photo, she dressed up as Medusa with her curly hair, making people "fascinated". Many fans commented that the way to create curly hair for her hair is the point that helps Jennie look attractive and suitable for the character.

Magical image of female idols. (Photo: IGNV)

In the past, she also tried many times with this unique hairstyle. Once, the female idol also combined with the change to brown hair color. This makes her even more luxurious and personal. And when curling "shrimp noodles" with black hair, Jennie creates a magical charm.

The combo of ruffled noodles, blazer and skirt makes Jennie look very personal. (Photo: Twitter)

Dark hair color makes her exude a powerful aura. 
(Photo: Twitter)

There are also many times, the above hairstyle helps Jennie bring a very lovely appearance. She looks like a mischievous schoolgirl. It is the novelty in the shapes that fans are extremely excited every time the female idol wears her hair "shrimp noodles".

Create Jennie's "sweet" image. (Photo: Twitter)

In addition to the curly hairstyle, the main rapper of BLACKPINK has also promoted many hair models. One of them is how to tie or braid the hair on both sides. With this "two horns" hairstyle, the female idol turns into a cute but no less personality girl. Jennie even loves to tie her hair on both sides so much that she wears it from real life to the stage.

Jennie's memorable hair model a while back. (Photo: Twitter)

Besides, the female idol also often creates variety for herself by changing her hairstyle. At the same time, stylists will carefully review the concept and costumes to find the hairstyle that best suits Jennie. In it, it is possible to mention a few styles familiar to female idols such as: layered hair, garlic bun, wavy curls.

Jennie often changes her hairstyle. (Photo: Twitter)

Many fans also commented that Jennie has the ability to "beautify" all hair styles. And indeed, no matter what hairstyle, the female idol exudes a unique charm. Netizen appreciates her aesthetic perception. Because, she always knows how to combine clothes as well as accessories and do her hair accordingly, making her stand out.

Female idols are expensive faces for many fashion brands. 
(Photo: Twitter)

For that reason, Jennie's fashion style is always a trend with many young people. Even the outfits she used to wear were in turn the top fans. She is also known as one of the "sold out saints" of Kbiz.

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