What did Jimin (BTS) think when smiling while glancing "passionately" at Irene (Red Velvet)?

 In this moment, did Jimin (BTS) "peek" at Irene (Red Velvet)?

In the Kpop music industry, the interactions between idols are always an interesting unknown for fans. At awards ceremonies, the moments when idols accidentally pass each other, meet face to face, or exchange glances, often become an inspiration for shippers to assign.

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One of the most mysterious images with fans of Jimin (BTS), is the moment when the male idol shares a frame with Irene (Red Velvet). This is the situation that took place in the ending stage at the KBS Gayo Daejun music festival on December 27, 2019.

Jimin's "shady" moment for Irene
When the artists were about to end the show, Irene and Jinyoung (GOT7) walked to the center of the stage as MCs. Passing by the BTS members, Irene seemed to capture all of Jimin's attention. Even after Irene had walked a distance, Jimin still turned his gaze towards her.

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Irene glances at BTS

And Jimin's attention is on Irene

Jimin "sneak peek" at Irene caught red-handed!

While Army still thinks this is simply Jimin's normal reaction when a beautiful female colleague passes by, some fans believe that this expression is "not normal at all"

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The reason is because Jimin's eyes seem to show interest, either he admires Irene, or even has feelings for the leader of Red Velvet. Jimin's smile when Irene passed in front of him was also said to be a hidden expression. Some shippers attributed Irene and Jimin to seeing this as proof of dating between the two.

"I don't ship them but it's like a movie scene"

"Can't blame Jimin, Irene is truly the most beautiful goddess in existence"
"Oh, Jimin's reaction is so hot"

Some fans insisted, "Jimin is not looking at her."

Currently, the video recording Jimin looking at Irene has received 2.5 million views on YouTube and thousands of comments. For Kpop fans, this is the "legendary" moment when mentioning the "boat" Jimin - Irene.

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