Cover mist, Jungkook BTS's 'Falling' broke the record

 Now, if the youngest BTS member Jungkook covers, he'll also set a record when he's three, no joke!

The surprise cover of Harry Styles' song Falling brought a rain of compliments and records to Jungkook. From being the most liked, most liked, and most commented audio version of a cover song on YouTube to sales in the US for the original song increasing by 400%, Jungkook has now hit a new record.

RingTone Falling – JuungKoock BTS

Accordingly, his cover is the most liked Audio by a Korean solo artist on Youtube! The cover currently has 3.4 million likes. Worth mentioning, it only took Jungkook a week to achieve all of these!

To see more clearly the popularity and popularity, Jungkook's cover of Falling also debuted at #23 on YouTube's Global Top Songs chart with 16.8 million views.

The cover also reached the top trending on Billboard, Melon and of course YouTube.

 ARMY is extremely proud of their maknae:

- Jungkook is extremely talented. That's why he knows how to make a song a masterpiece. His voice is perfect and special. What a blessing to the listener!

- Fandom fights and idols support each other to this extent. Need a collaboration song between Jungkook and Harry Styles!

- Many people, when they achieve success, fall down and become addicted. It's admirable that BTS is more popular, they put in more effort and are more humble. BTS products never disappoint ARMY!

Have you heard this cover?

Ringtone Falling – JuungKoock BTS

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