What does Jennie (BLACKPINK) wear when going out with international stars?

 Not only having friends in the K-pop world, Jennie (BLACKPINK) is also quite close with many international artists.

Recently, although there have not been many group activities, but the individual projects of Jennie (BLACKPINK) always attract the attention of the audience. Not only famous in Korea, the female idol also has many close relationships with international artists. Every time they go to the West, fans have the opportunity to watch SOLO's voice walking with the "terrible" stars.

Jennie is known as the "diplomatic queen" of K-pop. 
(Photo: IGNV)

At the end of October, Jennie again flew to Los Angeles, USA after a short trip to Paris Fashion Week 2022. Going to the West, the female idol is not only not alone, but also comfortably "opens up" with international friends. These days, female idols often go out with famous artists.

Most recently, she shocked when she appeared with Kitty Chicha Amatayakul at HITC FESTIVAL 2021. Kitty is a Thai model, actress, and singer. She is known for her role as Nano in the hit movie Girl From Nowhere. According to the captured images, the actress and Jennie are very happy together, Kitty also follows main rapper BLACKPINK on Instagram.

Jennie went to see the show with "Nano" in Los Angeles. (Photo: Twitter)

Appearing with a prominent actor like Kitty, of course main rapper BLACKPINK is not inferior. She wears a simple but very attractive black outfit. The female idol chose a personalized Crochet Corset model from Dion Lee, combined with black jeans by Raf Simons. The above combination helps Jennie look very simple at first glance, but exudes a luxurious and dynamic aura.

Expensive clothes of female idols. (Photo: outfit_blackpink4)

Before that, Jennie also jubilantly danced with Adriana Mora - a famous model, influencer from Costa Rica. Both of them wore black dresscode and had a "burning" body match on the female model's Instagram story. In this appearance, main rapper BLACKPINK wears a sexy Gigi top of fashion house Nana Jacqueline. In particular, she also used a luxury bag from Alexander Wang, which costs up to 790 USD

Close-up of Jennie's outfit. (Photo: outfit_blackpink4)

On the last Halloween, the female idol also surprised people when she was present at Kendall Jenner's party. It is known that the female model only invited a few close friends who are friends in the entertainment industry. The special thing is that Jennie's story does not update any information, but the accompanying stars constantly share and tag her name. Such as: Ruslana Gee - famous Instagram character, YouTuber; musical artist Deb Never or fashionista Simihaze.

Jennie is loved by many international friends. (Photo: T.H)

Joining the costume party above, the female idol cosplayed as Gogo Yubari in Kill Bill. She invested in the clothes of the fashion house Hyein Seo. The design of this brand is both sexy and traditional. Therefore, it is very suitable for the image that Jennie dressed up as.

Jennie's simple but extremely high-quality outfit.
 (Photo: styleof_jenniekim)

In addition to the friends mentioned above, Jennie also spends time traveling with many other famous stars such as singers Deb Never or The Weeknd, Jaden Smith. Every time she appears with the top artists above, the female idol usually dresses quite simply. However, the value of those dresses is not low. This fashion style made Jennie look not too flashy but still classy.

Jennie is close to many artists. (Photo: T.H)

During this trip to the US, Jennie attended the LACMA Art & Film Gala. Here, she also had the opportunity to meet many famous stars in the entertainment industry. In particular, the female idol reunited with her best friend Jung Hoyeon.
 Appearing at a big event, Jennie wore an evening dress from the F/W 2000 collection by designer Thierry Mugler. The luxurious design of the dress above helped Jennie stand out with her seductive body curve.

Outfit "storm" on Jennie's social network. (Photo: T.H)

Looking back at the international friendship of main rapper BLACKPINK, people can't help but sigh. Many fans think that Jennie is indeed a very good person at diplomacy, making friends quite quickly with many big stars.

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