BTS landed at the US airport: Jungkook shoots a super friendly heart, Jimin shows off his hot new hair?

 In the early afternoon (local time) on November 17, BTS landed at Incheon International Airport, departing for Los Angeles (USA). This is the foreign schedule that the Army community has been waiting for. BTS will have a busy time in the US next time, from attending the AMAs award ceremony, to holding the Permission To Dance On The Stage concert.

BTS is on their way to the US on the afternoon of November 17

BTS appeared at Incheon air

At the airport today, BTS scored for their friendliness. Despite being surrounded by a "forest" of reporters and fans, the group still happily waved and interacted with fans. The upcoming concert is BTS' first offline concert in 2 years, so the members are in a good mood. Among the members, the youngest Jungkook is the most excited. He constantly raised his hand to greet fans, bowed respectfully to the media, and also did a lovely fanservice with a heart shot in front of the camera.

Jungkook is one of the most prominent members in the group

The youngest member of BTS scores points for being friendly, constantly greeting and shooting hearts with fans

Jungkook bowed to reporters very politely

The guy looks very happy and excited

Besides Jungkook's cute actions, the Army also paid attention to Jimin's hairstyle. Jimin wears a hat to hide his hair, but fans have been able to spot his highlighted hairstyle, promising a series of explosive concepts on American stages in the near future.
Jimin has a new hairstyle to prepare for a series of schedules in the US
After BTS landed at the airport, a series of keywords about the boys covered the global top trending Twitter. Fans left their wishes for a safe and healthy trip, and hoped that the group would have memorable experiences in the US.

The keyword "Have a safe flight" entered the top trend in the US after BTS left for Los Angeles

V has a funny messy hairstyle

J-Hope covered his mask but fans still recognized his smiling face




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